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The best addition to paper schemes and plans

Printed schemes and territory plans can be sometimes confusing for community members. It is difficult to perceive and correlate information on a paper plan with reality.

At community meetings and workshops people have to discuss printed masterplans and leave their ideas and comments for them, but for non-professionals of course it is hard to correlate 3D images, masterplans and real situation. Also masterplan designs may consist of different layers of information as well as different stages of realizations which are hard to compactly present on one board or even on one site (if finally organizers decide to present the information online).
That's when interactive maps come to help. With such tools you can present several layers of information on one map which is also ready for open discussion. People not only can see how the new design correlates with the current territory but can also leave their comments right on the masterplan. This is our idea behind the Layout tool in LocalPinion.
It is really easy to use. You can upload an image, give it a name, add your masterplan coordinates....
...and here you go!
Your respondents can easily turn Layout on and off and leave their comments right onto it.
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